• heat-resistant-black-rubber-band

Heat Resistant Black Rubber Band

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Product details: Heat Resistant Black Rubber Band

Describe: Diameter: 12mm, Wide: 1.8mm, Thick: 1.2mm.

Color: Black

Packed: 0, 5kg/pack,10 kg/1 bar, 50kg/1 big bag or packed follow needing of customer.

Strong point: Rubber band hard to break, no stretch, heat resistant for long time, quantity in a bag more than another rubber band kind.

Weak point: High price, only use for tying things in high temperature for long time.

Using: Rubber band tying fruit from begin to harvest and during delivery to customer. In addition to, rubber band was used in grafting tree.

Preservation: Keep in dry, cool atmosphere; keep far from sunny and high temperature place in long times.

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